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Elementary (A2)

Persian for travel

  • 46min duration
  • 16 lessons
  • 0 quiz


Hormuz Academy has prepared a series of educational videos in 15 parts, using the knowledge of teachers with experience in the field of Azfa (Teaching Farsi to non-Persian speakers), which is completely practical and highly attractive. Each part of this collection familiarizes the learner with terms related to a practical situation (from airport to hotel, hotel reservation, hotel breakdown, asking for address, ordering food,...). The actors of this collection were Iranian teachers and foreign Persian learners. Therefore, each sentence and conversation has been compiled in the framework of specific levels of language education and has been arranged with speed and natural pronunciation but full of meaning for foreign Farsi learners.

Mahmoodi Bakhtiari Behrouz

Mahmoodi Bakhtiari Behrouz

PhD in Linguistics Faculty member of Tehran University From the authors of education textbooks From the authors of "Learn Farsi" textbooks From the authors of the Persian for Dummies book Hormoz Academy content production manager

Babaei valani elham

Babaei valani elham

Master of Persian language Launching a Persian magazine Designer and editor of Parsi magazine The author of a textbook called "Listening Skills". Teaching in different universities of Iran Skilled in children's painting and performance works in virtual and photographic space

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  • Participants :3 People
  • Level :Elementary (A2)
  • Content :16 Lesson
  • Duration :46min
  • Quiz :0
  • participate in the final exam :2 times
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