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Training courses in Hormuz Academy are divided into four groups A) Farsi language conversation b) Educational workshops c) Persian with special purposes d) teacher education

In Hormuz Academy, training courses are held in three forms: A) Face-to-face courses b) online courses (simultaneous) c) Virtual courses (non-synchronous).

Yes, a private class can be implemented with special conditions through the introduction of competent and selected teachers and in accordance with the educational program of Hormoz Academy and with the ability to attend the academy or the location suggested by the Persian learner and provide a certificate of acceptance in the course after passing the final exam.

All face-to-face classes are held at the Hormoz Academy location and online classes are held on the Hormoz Academy website.

Public classes are formed with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 people.

Yes, the start schedule of academic semesters is planned at the beginning of each year and is posted on the website of Hormuz Academy. Applicants should get the necessary information about the terms of the course by visiting the website before starting the desired semester.

You can register at the novice level without taking the placement test.

To participate in the level determination test, you must register through this website, the level determination test reservation section. On average, every month the test is done in groups. The level determination test consists of a written test and a speaking test, which is described in the tests section.

If you are applying to participate in our classes from the freshman semester, you can register at any time. Otherwise, you must participate in the level determination test, you can register immediately after determining your language level.

No; There is no need to determine the level to start general Persian learning courses from the beginner level.

Yes; Since the registration system is done on the website of Hormuz Academy, it is suggested to register immediately after the announcement of the level determination results.

In Farsi learning courses, each semester includes 20 sessions (40 hours) and class attendance is mandatory for all language learners. You can only be absent from class for two sessions and only one session will be absent without deducting the class grade. If you miss more than 4 classes, you can take the final exam, but you will not receive a report card or academic certificate.

The selected lecturers in this center have master's and doctorate degrees in the fields of teaching Persian language to foreigners, Persian language and literature, and most of them have teaching and research experience in this field. All the teachers of this center have been employed according to the instructions for recruiting teachers of Hormuz Academy, after passing specific steps. Please refer to the professors profile section of this website to learn more about our professors.

In the general Persian course, the collection of Persian language teaching books "Mina" and the skill books of grammar, vocabulary, travel to Iran and the pleasure of reading, which are all from the latest collection of Persian language teaching books, are taught. In the teacher training courses, the course headings and the latest sources of the second language teaching method have been specified, based on which the respected professors present the course content.

It can be purchased through the website of Hormuz Academy, the book sales section, and for the preparation of other educational resources, you must contact the author or publisher.

Yes; The certificate issued by Hormoz Academy is approved by Saadi Foundation and Allameh Tabatabai and Ferdowsi Universities of Mashhad.

The way to pay the registration fee is electronically through the electronic portal of the Hormoz Academy website.

No; The cost of books, educational pamphlets and participation in cultural programs must be paid separately.

The total cost of Persian language training courses is the responsibility of the volunteer or her sending institution.

Applicants to participate in teacher training courses can participate in the courses according to their needs and interests by complying with the prerequisites of the course.

The conditions for recruiting lecturers in Hormoz Academy are based on the regulations for recruiting lecturers. To learn about the process of recruiting instructors, visit the website of Hormoz Academy in the instructor section

Hormuz Academy usually organizes cultural and tourism camps in educational courses to complete a part of the education for a fee from Persian students according to the requirements.

To cooperate in this field, you must prepare and deliver your research plan in the form of special sample sheets. This leaf sample will be evaluated in the Scientific Council of Hormuz Academy and after approval, there will be a possibility of cooperation.

In case academic and scientific centers abroad or institutions that have an understanding with Hormoz Academy need a seconded lecturer, Hormoz Academy will send them from among the interested and professors according to the experience and ability of the professors.

Visa is applicable only for foreign language learners who intend to be in Iran to participate in training courses in the following way: 1- Register and complete information on the website 2- Request to attend the course 3- Apply for visa (visa) 4- Payment Related costs 5- After the information is confirmed by the competent authorities and the visa is issued, it will be notified via email.

Yes; You can use these facilities by coordinating and registering in cultural and tourism programs. Also, if foreign learners request, it is possible to introduce them to universities and libraries for study and research.

The clothing of female and male language learners in Hormoz Academy should be in accordance with the conventional clothing in Islamic Iran society.

The scholarship (grade) will be awarded according to the instructions of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and after reviewing the documents and approval of the relevant authorities.

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