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Why Hormuz Academy?

Hormuz Academy has tried to gather a panel of experts including qualified teachers and researchers in applied linguistics and specially in teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers.

Educational standard

Teaching Persian language based on the educational standard of the Saadi Foundation

Learn from anywhere

Offering online courses alongside face-to-face courses

Variety of courses

providing group, semigroup and private courses





Experienced Trainers

Saesy Seyed Mohsen

Tutor of 1 courses

Elham Babaei

Tutor of 1 courses

- Master of Persian language - Launching a Persian magazine - Designer and editor of Parsinameh magazine - The author of a textbook called "Listening Skills". - Teaching in different universities of Iran - Skilled in children's painting and performance works in virtual and photographic space

Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiari

Tutor of 1 courses

- PhD in Linguistics - Faculty member of Tehran University - From the authors of education textbooks - From the authors of "Learn Farsi" textbooks - From the authors of the Persian for Dummies book - Hormoz Academy content production manager

Faegheh Shahhoseini

Tutor of 0 courses

- One of the authors of Persian for Dummies - One of the authors of Pand Parsi book 1 and 2 - Book translator for Dummies - The author of the book 50 short stories - Farsi language teacher - Non-Persian speakers with more than 12 years of experience - And also senior lecturer and member of educational content production council